Specification In Research Paper

Your specification is the driving force for the whole paper actually you can use it for garbage collection as well right so if you find that well what do we have right each claim in the introduction is pointed to and then you find section four is not referred to at all from the list of contributions so maybe section four is dead code it could be a good way to shrink your paper right all you think are now section four is really important because I make a contribution in it in which case you might add to your contribution list should I mean this is the universal rule I have papers in which I don’t have sections that are playing an important role that I don’t refer to from the intro but it’s a good first step is to say is every section referred to. Read some examples of research papers onĀ Edusson.

And if not why not yeah extended abstracts and notes and we only have four or five pages oh yes so if you’ve only got four or five pages now you’re into territory where you know whole pages like 20% of your paper you have to uh it but probably a somewhat different medium you may have to compress it somehow so I suppose I’m thinking maybe I really mean ten percent of your paper rather than exactly one page yeah and I mean the big thing I’m trying to say here is think about that page one think of it is that as a driving force for your paper and think about your readers and the fact that that’s the time you’ve got to get them and that applies to any any media blog post to actually people scan the beginning of a blog post wanna know whether to carry on okay no all right so we talked about this oh and just when I talked about evidence like the body of the paper is the evidence by evidence I don’t necessarily mean data right it might be data might be performance measurements.

It might be theorems that you’ve proved but it might also just be argumentation right a substantial argument that explains why your claim is holds you know so it’s all sorts of things might be a case study might be illustrative examples might be lots of examples that so I don’t mean any I don’t mean anything toby crisp by evidence i just mean it’s the substantiating part okay all right so that’s so much so we’re still on page one right where to where it’s eleven thirty three and we’ve only got to page one and what comes next on many people’s contents list is related work all right it seems that good scholarship what are you going to do you’re going to start try to solve a problem the first thing you to do is a scholarly understanding of the state of the art in your in the problem before you began that makes sense doesn’t it it’s terrible just terrible but this is what happens oh I think you should.