Importance of emergency contacts

The person should not be trusted only his phone to find the emergency contacts. If he misses his phone, surely he will lose all the contacts. At that time, he would be helpless. It is better to mug up all the emergency contacts because the emergency situation may happen at any time. It is very important to be with the emergency contacts to safeguard ourselves. If it is not possible to mug up all the contacts, then it is better to a note of all the phone number in the piece of paper and keep in the wallet al the times. This may look simple but it could help a lot at emergency times. It is very important to note the taxi number. If you are living in Maine, then no need to worry about planning emergency trip. Just make a call to the Taxi Portland. You can find instant help from them. They are providing service with reduced cost. If you plan a trip with the Portland land company, you can benefit in terms of cost and service.
The phone numbers that are important to note are contact numbers of parents, close friends and spouse. Sometimes the person knows that number well but he would forget due to high tension. In that time, he may forget one or two digits of the phone number. So take this as a suggestion and follow and say your dear ones to follow. It is necessary to note another number along with the emergency contacts. That number is taxi number. Taxi Portland can help at any emergency situation.