Felicia René George

Felicia René George


Who am I? What is important for people to know? I work at the New York City Writing Project. I am one of two associate directors which means I work part-time as a teacher-consultant and provide administrative support to the director. I facilitate special interest groups, such as the New Teacher Initiative funded by the National Writing Project and the Youth Educators Scholars program funded by The Robert Bowne Foundation, and do other tasks to support programs and activities.

I’ve had a long and checkered career working on the periphery of the New York City public school system. I’ve always been teaching but very rarely in the traditional sense or in a traditional setting. It began as head teacher atTrabajamos Head Start center in the South Bronx. I’ve come full circle working now as a teacher-consultant in an elementary school about 20 blocks away from Fox Street where I started out. My journey on the periphery included work with a non-sexist child development project for a feminist organization; serving as an educational coordinator for a foster care agency; a program coordinator for a service learning organization; and a trainer for an after-school non-profit.

I’m back in the Bronx working in classrooms alongside teachers. I’m always looking for the unique, I work in chaos, I expect to do a little of everything. Learning to use technology, although hesitantly, is in keeping with what a value about education and how I tend to function. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it is also powerful.

Look at what I have posted here and if you’d like to tell me what you think (you may be critical but please do it with kindness.)